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 Your most frequently asked questions for AGENTURA CHATA TOUR s.r.o.:

How do you order your stay? Use the search system and select the object that suits you. In the calendar, click on the free week with the arrival date and the order will be displayed. In your order, fill out the necessary information and send the order. Once your order has been sent, you will receive an email and confirmation of how to proceed to pay for your stay. The selected object is temporarily booked for you for 5 business days.

When will my stay be booked? When will I receive theconfirmation? We will make a permanent reservation on the day of crediting your account at the latest on the last day of the temporary reservation. If the payment of the first installment - the deposit for the stay is not credited to the account at the latest on the last day of the temporary reservation and the confirmation of payment is not sent to the office, the temporary reservation will be canceled and the object will be included in the offer for the other candidates! Once you have credited your payment to your account, you will receive an "Booking Confirmation" e-mail. You will be asked to pay the surcharge for 6 weeks before your stay. After paying the total price, you will receive a "Accommodation voucher" with a deblockedion of the way to the property and a phone number to the landlord to negotiate the necessary matters.

Can a holiday stay be covered by an invoice? If your holiday stay is paid for by your employer, or you are entitled to a FKSP contribution, you can apply for an invoice. When filling in the order form, select "Stay paid by the company on the basis of an invoice", fill in the invoiced amount and billing information. If you have not submitted an application for an invoice, you can send us the materials at

Can you provide me the contact on owner? Because we are a mediator of the stay, we send contact to the owner of the object on the residence voucher until the full amount for the stay is paid.

I would like to book a stay in the term that is currently temporarily booked. How can I find out that temporary reservations have been canceled and the term is free again? In the detail of each object on the order calendar you will find the icon "inform about releasing the temporary reservation". If the deadline is released, we will contact you by email.

Should we take our own bed linen? Bed linen is available and is already included in the price, unless stated otherwise in the details.

How to write a rating? After the end of your stay, we will ask you to evaluate the property, services of the owner and our agency by e-mail. This email is usually sent the next working day after the end of your stay. As a courtesy for this review, we will give you a discount code when ordering your next stay with us. Discount code is portable, so you can either use it yourself or give it to your loved ones, friends or acquaintances.

Is there a printed catalog available? We do not publish the printed catalogs, our entire catalog of recreational objects can be found in our online catalog.

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